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Cowpunk Tumbarumba Natural Pinot Noir 750ml

Cowpunk Tumbarumba Natural Pinot Noir 750ml

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Cow Punk are small batch wines made from single sites, crafted by Aaron Mercer and grown by long term friends and acquaintances. 100% unashamedly natural, Cowpunk is leading the charge for the modern drinker seeking wines made in a hands off manner but still want complexity and enjoyment. Made by award winning winemaker Aaron Mercer this dynamic brand is organic, vegan, preservative free and features no addittions.

Amazing deep colour that is vivid and bright ensuring a Pinot Noir that is varietal and expressive. A wine that delivers delicacy and power with aromas of cherry and earth. The palate is a mix between sweet and savoury black fruits with a good intensity of flavour and clean natural acidity.

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