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Amaro Montenegro 700ml

Amaro Montenegro 700ml

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Created in 1885 Amaro Montenegro is a blend of 40 hand-selected botanicals inspired by the travels of herbalist Stanislao Cobianchi who fled his native Bologna to avoid becoming a priest. Named as a tribute to the second Queen of Italy, Elena of Montenegro, Amaro Montenegro’s unchanged, unmistakable, and unique flavour has developed a prestigious reputation around the world. Embracing Human Spirit, Amaro Montenegro aspires to bring people together for the most meaningful things in life, conviviality, friendship, and flavour. To this day Amaro Montenegro is created according to the original recipe, which has been guarded for over a century and carefully handed down by the Master Herbalists from generation to generation. Over 40 botanicals, including spices, dried fruit, roots, seeds, bark, citrus peel, and flowers, are meticulously sourced from around the world to create the six distinct and unmistakable aromatic notes of Amaro Montenegro – bitter and herbaceous; spicy and floral; sweet and roasted; fresh and balsamic; fruity and vegetal; warm and tropical. The final and fundamental element of this unique Amaro is called the ‘Premio.’ Created by the Master Herbalist, the Premio, meaning ‘prize’ in Italian, is a micro-distillate that creates the unrivaled, delicate, complexity of Amaro Montenegro. Presented in the unmistakable bottle inspired by alchemy, Amaro Montenegro is the perfect base for both classic and experimental cocktails and yet, with such a unique and complex flavour profile, it is also a cocktail itself.

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