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DArenberg The Athazagoraphobic Cat 750ml

DArenberg The Athazagoraphobic Cat 750ml

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Expect the unexpected. As individual a wine as you would have come across for some time. It smells of mulberry, glace cherry, blueberry, dried herb, sour sob, peat, mixed citrus peel and ever so delicate, crushed rose petals. An intriguing display of aromatics and reduction in balance, unfurling gently with time in the glass. The palate is the real show stopper with a seemingly endless number of flavours flowing over from the bouquet. Add to that layer upon layer of textured tannins, that pique your senses as opposed to overwhelming theme. A mouth-watering mix of zesty acid and mineral tannins that drive through the entire wine from first taste to an ever so generously long finish. The Athazagoraphobic Cat 2017 is thriving in a year renowned for its slightly more elegant reds. No lack of power here though. Enjoy with hearty protein or an exotic cheese platter or better yet, smuggle it away for a decade or so and discover the hidden promises that will come to life.

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