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Generous Delightfully (Fresh & Aromatic) Gin 700ml

Generous Delightfully (Fresh & Aromatic) Gin 700ml

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Imagine Generous Gin as a perfect garden or a dream grove. Rich of multiple essences - blood oranges, citrus, grey pepper, elderberries, lime and juniper. This gin is like the essence of a perfect tree which would offer all the best aromas on earth. All the ingredients of Generous Gin are natural. Some are obtained by maceration, others by distillations in a unique and complex process.

Hints of fine floral cross the nose. A dominate base of juniper, softened by the elderflower and jasmine. The palate is of spices and citrus fruits, highlighting the freshness of the juniper, with sweet floral notes and traces of jasmine. Overall, a generous length, enriched by hints of juniper, citrus fruits, and red pepper.

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