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Puss & Mew

Puss & Mew Signature Dry Gin 700ml

Puss & Mew Signature Dry Gin 700ml

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Smooth and complex, our Signature Dry Gin provides a balance of botanicals, drawing inspiration from the same liquor Captain Dudley Bradstreet would funnel through a cat’s paw. Spiced warmth with a hint of citrus and rooty undertones, finished by the subtle sweetness of vanilla to create a truly well-rounded sensory experience.

A fragrant bouquet of aromas from the citrus, complimented by the sweetness of premium vanilla is the first experience with our signature dry gin. On the palate, the peppery pine taste of juniper combines with the citrus flavours and finishes with the warmth of our spice combination. A perfectly balanced gin full of flavour.

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